Meteorology Major Well On Her Way to Earning Degree in Small Talk


This spring, Meteorology student Marie Combs will graduate after a four-year intensive program at Florida State University. Combs will leave the prestigious program with extensive knowledge in her field and the ability to initiate small talk surrounding just how crazy the weather has been this week in any given situation. “The pop quizzes were especially stressful,” Combs explained when asked about the major. “One time in MET4159, Professor Sanchez said ‘Boy, it sure is warm out there’ somewhat in my direction, to which I playfully panted and fanned myself. I got a C-. My senior thesis on synoptic calculation and four-dimension analysis of weather systems did NOT prepare me for that one!”

While Combs has always dreamed of being a dynamic meteorologist for NASA, she’s been exploring other options to ensure that her degree is put to good use and has decided that the best way to use her skills is by working the front desk of her uncle’s telemarketing office. There, she can wait by the water cooler to warn Steve about the storm this Saturday and let Janet know it will be colder tomorrow so she can wear her new riding boots to work.

Although Combs is clearly on a steady path to success, colleague and friend, Asher Lott, isn’t so lucky. “I thought my minor in sports management would open me up to a wide world of glamorous possibilities like ‘team manager’ or ‘water boy.’ Now that I’m nearing the end, I’ve realize that I’m pretty much only qualified to politely nod my head at sports references and occasionally say things like ‘get your head in the game!’ to the beginner yoga class at the Leach.”