Local Rapunzel Excited To Put Hair All Over Your Desk


Ignoring all principles of basic human decency and personal space, local Rapunzel Sofie Grimm was excited to put her hair all over her classmate’s desk during Intro to Astronomy. Unluckiest girl in the world Carly Crumpler had the misfortune of being assigned the seat behind the fair lady. “I had a bad batch of Chipotle last month and just recovered from E. Coli, strangers always mistake me as Taylor Swift when I’m in public...It’s only fitting that I be stuck with the worst desk in the class. Luck of the draw, I guess.” Said an exasperated Crumpler while flipping through an ancient manuscript on how to remove curses and stop bad luck.

Grimm has requested for the entire Astronomy class to call her ‘Zel, short for Rapunzel. Reports say that when class was over, she allegedly threw her hair out the window and gave free rides to everyone leaving the room.

"I don’t know what subdued unconscious need Sofie has that makes her act this way. Personally, I’m not really into role play.” Crumpler noted. “Although she has zero regard for my personal bubble and puts her ratty locks all over my precious papers, it’s generous that she offers a fun, alternative form of transportation to our classmates. She’s like the next hoverboard.”

Rumors have spread that Grimm is joining the Princess Protection Program. Others say that she will be joining the FSU Circus, where performers will use her hair as a tightrope. One thing is certain, her hair will continue to unapologetically sweep desks across this great college town.