Student Aces LSAT Immediately After Finishing Making A Murderer


Student Brandon Yang has reportedly aced the LSAT after binge-watching the popular Netflix documentary series Making A Murderer in less than two days. The series, which follows the real life case of Steven Avery, who was put on trial for the murder of Teresa Halbach after being wrongfully convicted years prior, reportedly taught Yang everything he needed to know about the legal system. “I said ‘that can’t be legal’ so many times while watching with my friends that they urged me to take the LSAT so I can continue fighting injustice with my impeccable knowledge of the judicial system,” Yang said, tending to his shrine devoted to Steven Avery’s lawyer/normcore icon Dean Strang and leafing through bestselling crime thriller Kiss The Girls (per Brendan Dassey’s recommendation). “Watching Strang do his work was inspiring, too. Not only is he an ace attorney but the man is sex on a stick in dad jeans.”

“It’s quite remarkable, actually,” said proctor Lisa Sanchez. “I haven’t seen a Netflix show inspire someone this much since my cousin Arturo decided to major in poly sci because of House of Cards. He now hopes to become a high-ranking government official who makes even his closest allies nervous, and he also keeps on talking to an imaginary audience and pushing people in front of trains. It’s great to see such passion.”

Yang cites the Making A Murderer Subreddit as his main source of study material for the LSAT, as well as the numerous thinkpieces and recaps of the series. “It’s amazing how many articles about the show there are out there and written by people who definitely know what they’re talking about and aren’t amateur enthusiasts in the legal system,” Yang said. “I also got a sweet deal on this baby!” He exclaimed, showing off a tattoo on his ass that says “This is a red letter day for the defense.” in cursive with hearts around it.

Yang is reportedly planning on starting his own firm soon but only after he finishes listening to Serial and watching American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson. “I can’t get too ahead of myself. I’ve got just a little more learning to do,” Yang said as his text tone, the Law & Order  “dun dun” sound effect, went off.