Percussion Prodigy Taps Foot Through Whole Damn Class


Junior economics major Seth Jaffrey has always been known to have a song in his soul that he needed to get out. Fortunately for nobody except himself, Jaffrey has strategically found the most disruptive and inconvenient time to express his self-proclaimed musical expertise by tapping his foot through the entirety of his ECO 3104 lecture. “I know the Pandora station I play before class has some good tunes, but forty-five minutes into microeconomic analysis, you would think the kid would stop by now,” insisted Professor Smith. “It’s even starting to affect the class at this point. After a flat-sounding drum roll of two plastic pens hitting fake wood erupted from the side of the room, a few kids involuntarily stood up with their right hand over their heart as if the national anthem was going to start playing. It was a complete mess”

Although slightly annoyed with having a musical prodigy in class at first, Professor Smith admits to feeling like his jokes are finally appreciated, as Jaffrey usually attempts a rimshot in response to Smith’s punchlines by using his binder as a snare drum and that-girl-who-sits-in-front’s metal earrings as cymbals. Keep checking his soundclouds for the release of his exclusively in-class mixtape.

Some students in the class, like exploratory major Michelle Ramsey are also able to admire Jaffrey’s talent. “I loved realizing that I don’t even need to pay the $10 admission fee to Seth’s newest gig at his buddy’s mailman’s mom’s garage that he keeps advertising through mass class emails. I can enjoy his distracting and discordant taps at literally the most annoying and unwanted times for free!” The next step for this for this virtuoso from ECO 3104 is a record deal with Paper Mate and the opportunity to go on tour to perform at STAPLES centers around the south east.