Freshman Wearing Formal Attire in Intro to Film Sure Must Be One Classy Guy


On what was supposed to be an ordinary Monday night Intro to Film screening, freshman Tristan Ames reportedly impressed everyone by showing up to class wearing a full three-piece suit. Reports from his classmates indicate that the screening, an early release of Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 3: The Revenge of the Grown Ups, could hardly be heard over the chattering caused by Mr. Ames’ impressive getup. “I felt so embarrassed about how comparatively underdressed I was that I ran to a trash can and immediately started vomiting,” said Intro to Film student Charlie Hill as he cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a bow tie that he could tape to his neck. “I felt like since this was a normal class, I should be wearing normal clothes. But I’ll have to ask him for tips for when we read the script for Adam Sandlers’ Grown Ups 4: A New Grown Up.

“Did he come from a late night banquet, or maybe a meeting with the president?” inquired Intro to Film student Dulé Young as he cried, desperately racking his brain for reasons Tristan might have so casually busted out a $300 suit. “Maybe that’s just his casual suit and his real suits are even better. Ugh, my brain hurts the closer I get to picturing it, and I’m sure my eyes would start to melt a little if I ever saw his REAL suits in person. Maybe he’ll bust that out for the class on the story concept for Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 5: The Grown Ups Strike Back.

“Oh, is this hubbub all about li’l ol’ me?” said Mr. Ames in a high pitched voice as he cocked his head to one side, pointed his index finger around the corner of his mouth and swayed side to side a bit. “Gee, and I thought nobody would notice. All I wanted was to loudly walk into class twenty minutes late and sit in my chair at the front of the class. I was actually holding out on wearing my nice clothes until we discussed the recent greenlighting of the Netflix originals: Adam Sandler’s Grown Ups 6: The Return of the Grown Ups and Grown Ups 7: The Grown Ups Awaken."