Student with Summer Internship Would Like to Remind You She Has a Summer Internship


Local hospitality major Kasey Loggins has had an eventful summer so far, at least according to her social media posts. In case you weren’t already tipped off by the 5 Instagram pictures, 23 tweets, 10 Facebook statuses, and countless Snapchats she’s made since starting her internship yesterday, she totally has one and it’s way better than whatever shit you’re doing this summer. “I’m just so fortunate to have the opportunity to work within the hotel industry at such a young age,” remarked now-sophomore Loggins while washing some dishes and singing along to “Pretty Girls” by Brittany Spears and Iggy Azalea. “Oh, don’t worry I’m totally just washing these dishes as a favor for somebody. I really like to pride myself on how suite I am, haha get it?”

When asked about his new shining intern, Hotel Duval manager John McCarroll seemed confused before finally placing her. “Wait, is that the girl who wrote an entire cover letter about why The Suite Life of Zack and Cody made her realize she was meant to work in the hotel business? Damn, ok yeah. I gave her a job washing dishes in the kitchen because I felt bad. It’s definitely not an internship, and she definitely needs to stop calling me Moseby."

Despite evidently just having a part-time job working in a hotel, Loggins is confident she can maintain the illusion of a prestigious hospitality internship for the remainder of the summer. She even believes if she plays her cards right she could be promoted to candy counter girl by the end of the summer, just like her hero, Maddie Fitzpatrick.

You can follow Kasey’s summer adventure yourself on Instagram! @KaseyLoggins