10 Things Only True ‘Noles Will Understand!


1. When, despite a long storied history in the United States, people only know your tribe because you and your people are allowed to have casinos and Florida State named its football team after you. 

2. TFW you were younger and your friends were singing along to the “What Makes the Red Man Red?” song from Peter Pan like it was totally no big deal. 

3. When people are always arguing about whether to call you a Native American or an American Indian but you’d really just like to be called your name.

4. You always have to point out to people that Seminole naming conventions do not include things like “Running Panther,” “Flying Eagle,” and especially, especially not “Fighting Redman.”

5. You’re always being told that some girl next to you in the Starbucks line is 1/32nd Cherokee or something.

6. People assuming that you only got into a certain school because of your race, or that you wouldn’t have gotten in if you were white.

7. The pattern of brutal abuse and then startling neglect from both federal and state governments that has so negatively affected your people for so long.

8. You are frequently greeted by people saying “Howgh!” or “Howgh… are you? Hahaha oh man that’s a good one,” even though that greeting is from a different language and even if they weren't that's still problematic as hell.

9. On multiple occasions white people have asked you if you’re a “dots Indian” or “feathers Indian”