Local Nobody Prepares for Inevitable Fame Following Brief Sing It On! Cameo


Following last night’s premiere of “Sing It On!,” an inside look into the cutthroat world of collegiate a cappella, local student and non-a cappella member Maura Williams has already begun preparing for certain fame following her short cameo in the episode. Williams appeared discreetly in the background of a shot eleven minutes into the show, which she’s now describing as “obviously her big break.” “I began planning that cameo the moment I heard two Acabelles harmonizing about it in the halls of Cawthon Hall,” said Williams as she practiced her “OMG paparazzi?!” face in the reflection of an off duty FSU bus. “I plotted my walk through for the next three months, planned my outfit five weeks before, and hyped myself up with mirror speeches and shower concerts for three full days prior to filming.”

Promising that the fame won’t change her, Williams fully understands and accepts what it means to be a Sing It On superstar. She’s prepared for whirlwind of stardom in the only way she knows to be effective- an Entourage marathon, shameless self-promotion and a “do-it-big” attitude, despite being sorted into the “HELL NO” pile of each group following her audition.

“Give the people what they want, that’s always been my motto,” said Williams as she aimlessly strutted through Governor’s Square Mall sporting Paris Hilton circa 2004 sunglasses with 850 signed headshots in hand. “And if what the people want are signed copies of my latest selfie, and a one woman a cappella group named Sexy Pitch, then so be it.”