Graduating Senior Really Hoping University Will Just Forget About His $40,000 Loan Debt


With the end of school a little over a week away, many graduating seniors are busy finding lucrative jobs or maybe just a couch they can crash on for a few months. But one senior and soon to be T.G.I Fridays employee, Hayes Davenport, has been working on a plan to relieve himself of the typical post-graduation stress. Davenport hopes that instead of having to pay back his $40,000 loan debt, which he accrued after changing his major four times and spending two semesters only taking bowling classes, the university will just lose the paperwork or something and he will never have to pay it. “I know it sounds crazy,” Davenport says while nostalgically packing away the items in his dorm room where he has lived for five consecutive years. “But think of all the people that have to pay back their student loans. You’d think they would have to lose track of one of them and forget to make them pay it. I feel like I have just as good of a shot at being that one person as anyone else.”

Davenport claims he had no idea how loans worked and never really considered the thought of having to pay them back. “Every year Financial Aid would ask me how much money I want for the upcoming semester and I would always say ‘I’ll take as much money as you can possibly give me.’ I thought it was just my reward for going to a lot of football games or something.”

Meanwhile, the Office of Financial Aid says despite what Davenport claims, there is absolutely zero chance of anyone escaping from having to repay their student loans and that Davenport will most likely be cold and dead in the ground before his monthly payments even begin to make up for what he owes. However, Davenport is not worried and is still optimistic everything will work out. “Even if I do I have to pay back loans, as long as I can make it through my whole life without having to pay for cell phone bills, utilities, rent, or any type of insurance, I should be good.”