Student Realizes It’s Way Too Late in the Semester to Ask Classmate’s Name


With this school year soon coming to a close, many students are rejoicing at the fact that in just a mere couple of weeks they will soon be able to leave all the stresses of the classroom behind and begin a summer of humble bragging about their internships. But for sophomore Kimberly Allen, this semester’s Spanish 2 class has left her stressing out about more than remembering verb conjugations; she can’t even remember her class “friend’s” name. “She definitely told me her name on the first day of class, but all of it was in Spanish, and I barely got a C in Spanish 1, so I didn’t understand anything she was saying,” said Kimberly as she peeked an the class roster on Blackboard to see if any names jogged her memory. “I asked for her name a few more times over the next month but after like the fifth time I felt horrible and just decided to pretend I knew it from then on out.”

As April rolled around, Kimberly decided to take more drastic methods to discreetly learn her friend’s name. She started by introducing her to other people in class in the hopes that her friend would say her name, but that didn't work, as she had already met all of them. Kimberly has even gotten a warning from her TA to stop cheating after she was caught looking at her friend’s test paper just for the name. “I confess - I was also looking at her answers. I really do suck at Spanish,” clarified Kimberly.

In the meantime, Kimberly has come up with many different phrases to use on the classmate until she can figure out what the hell her name actually is. Her favorite ones include, “Hey, you,” “Greetings, friend,” “Very funny, old sport,” “Beam me up, Scotty,” “Whaddup fam?" and "Aye, chica!"

"'Aye, chica!' is actually how you greet a friend in Spanish. I’m actually getting way better in the class thanks to all the study sessions we’ve had at her house and from going to her cousin’s quinceañera last month,” said Kimberly while texting her friend, who is listed as “Spanish buddy <3 <3” in her phone. “She’s become one of my closest friends and I really feel like I’m an extended part of her family, except I don’t know any of their names, either.”