Florida State Lands Monster 5-Star Defensive Tackle Recruit Drew Brownstein


This national signing day the Seminoles are once again bringing in top prospects, this time with 5 star DT Drew Brownstein, who is the cream of the crop in a recruiting class loaded with studs. 6’1” 150, Brownstein is not on any of the recruiting boards because he is literally in a league of his own. After being homeschooled and bred to play football for the first three years of high school, Brownstein enrolled at Leon High School and racked up monstrous stats as a senior, recording 208 tackles, 26 sacks, and 7 insta-kills.

“He is undoubtedly the best athlete to come out of Florida in years,” says Leon Head Coach, Dom Howards. “I remember one of the coaches started calling him ‘Drew-B’ as a sort of nickname but then we started calling him ‘Drew Barrymore’ because one game he hit a kid so hard, he gave him 50 First Dates disease.”

As a result of Brownstein’s commitment, other recruits are now de-committing from FSU, likely because they are worried about playing time. Brownstein is expected to make an immediate impact on the field as a freshman and is, according to Eddie Goldman, the reason he is declaring for the NFL draft.

“I wanted to stay for my senior season,” says Goldman, “but the first time I met Drew, he gave me a wrapped present. I opened it up and it was just a plain red shirt with a note attached that said, ‘put this on or get your fat ass out of my way.’”

Look for Brownstein to arrive on campus Aug. 6th, where at that time he will begin receiving special treatment and most likely take random golf cart rides around campus to hit on women.