Lone Minority Tired of Posing for Campus Brochures


A group of multicultural students were all disingenuous smiles yesterday as they posed on Landis Green for a photograph that will be featured on Florida State University’s newest campus brochures. The brochures, set to come out just in time for the next round of acceptance letters, will feature more token minorities than all of your least favorite sitcoms combined. Although popular with high school students going through early onset midlife crises, some find the brochures problematic. “As one of the very few minority students on campus, I am always being asked to take these photos,” said FSU junior Anne Yang. “This will be the fourth time I’ve done it this week. The university makes it seem like we have this multiethnic, inclusive population when in reality it’s whiter than the VIP section of an Iggy Azalea concert."

“Smile for the pho-to! Get it, Anne? Pho – like the noodles or whatever it is!” chuckled the photography student while snapping the group’s pictures. “Could you try opening your eyes more in this next one?”

Another student in the group, sophomore Ahmed Muhammad, gave his thoughts on the issue while touching up his hair, “Are the images an accurate representation of our population racially? No. But they sure have boosted my self-esteem. I came to FSU to be a doctor, but after posing for so many brochures, I’ve realized my true calling: modeling.”

Although there is alleged deceptive advertising and general shitiness behind the photo shoots, the group ultimately doesn’t care. “The university pays us in Flex Bucks so it’s not that bad,” said Yang. “It’s like our own little fair trade agreement.”