FSU Basketball Team Practices in Complete Silence to Prepare for Home Crowd Environment


As Seminole students and fans come to terms with the end of football season, some have turned to the FSU basketball team to try to find a reason to be happy again. However, many fans were shocked to learn that FSU’s basketball season has not only already started, but has actually been going on for a couple of months. Florida State’s home court has proved to be a challenge to many opposing teams because of the total silence the games are played in, throwing many elite players off their game. To prepare for this atmosphere, head coach Leonard Hamilton has begun conducting practices in a completely soundless environment to get the team used to playing at home. “We’re getting ready to enter the most important part of our season, and I don’t want our players distracted by anything,” says Coach Hamilton. “Especially the empty seats and quiet whispers at our home games.” The Florida State players themselves agree with the new practice method, and are excited to see its results on the court. “Me Boris. Me….like….play….basketball,” said 7-foot center Boris Bojanovsky.

Last week, the coaching staff provided noise cancelling headphones to every player on the team, which must be worn at all times during practice. Coach Hamilton also plans to occasionally bring in a few elderly women to watch the team play, in hopes of more accurately simulating games at the Tucker Center.

“Tallahassee is by far my least favorite place to play,” says legendary Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski. “The games are so quiet that I get lost in my own thoughts and start remembering all the mean things LeBron James said to me during the Olympics.”

As the basketball team enters the stretch run of their season, the coaches and players are optimistic about the team’s success, or at least about not being a complete embarrassment. “I really like our chances to make the tournament this year,” says Coach Hamilton. “We just have to keep running our best play, the one where the other team scores for us and we win.”