Official Guide to Florida Trash Talk


It's game day in Tallahassee as the Seminoles and their fans prepare to take on their arch-rivals, the Florida Gators. To help all FSU fans prepare for the game, we have created a list of trash talk jokes for you to post online or to scream in the face of Gator fans outside the stadium. Please steal any and all of the jokes: What's the difference between UF and a soft pretzel? A soft pretzel is less salty

Jeff Drisk-lol

It has been 80 days since Jameis Winston screamed, "fuck her right in the pussy" and it has been 27 years since Tim Tebow has seen one.

The good news for Gator players is that Greyhound rides from Tallahassee are a lot cheaper than from Tennessee.

Goodwill clothes that are never sold in America go directly to Africa and after they don't want them, they go to UF fans.

The other day I saw a couple in Publix arguing about buying Gatorade and they ended up not getting it, and looked really happy walking out of the store.

It must be weird for people from Gainesville to have to come up here and adjust to proper plumbing and clean drinking water

Hey Gator fans, remember Tebow? God doesn't.

FSU: Salty Spitoon UF: Weenie Hut Junior's