Nick O’Leary Discovers He is Jack Nicklaus’s Grandson after Watching Replay of Game


  While sitting down to watch a full replay of last week’s game, FSU tight end Nick O’Leary was shocked to find out that golf legend Jack Nicklaus is actually his grandfather. Results from the DNA tests are still pending to prove that the extraordinary claim is true, but for now O’Leary is proudly celebrating the new addition to his family.

“Usually when I watch game film, I just fast forward to the parts where I’m running over defensive backs and then watch it over and over again in slow motion,” said O’Leary as he slowed down to 80mph on his motorcycle. “But yesterday when I watched the full game, I heard the announcers casually say that Jack Nicklaus was my grandfather and I was shocked! How has no one ever told me that before?”

Before the startling revelation, O’Leary assumed Nicklaus was just a huge FSU fan with no real affiliation to the team. “I would always see him on the sidelines and in the stands wearing my jersey but I didn’t really think anything of it. Maybe he was just a big fan of my throwback style of play and my traditional pile drive tackling move. But now that I know he is my grandpa it all makes sense, especially since he sends me a fifteen dollar check for my birthday every year. I thought he was just a real nice guy.”

O’Leary has been so excited by the news that he has been repeatedly telling everyone he meets. “It’s weird,” O’Leary says, “every time I tell someone the news they act like they’re sick of hearing it, it’s almost like every announcer has mentioned it in every game I’ve ever played in.” But despite the tempered reaction, O’Leary is feeling great about his life and the big game this weekend. “Not only did I gain a new grandpa this week, but I also finally found the gloves that I’ve been missing for the past four years. I can’t wait to wear them against Miami, my hands hurt so bad after every game.”