Fisher Gives Jameis Winston Approved List of Costume Ideas for Scandal-Free Halloween


In the moments after Florida State’s dramatic win over Notre Dame, coach Jimbo Fisher was heard on camera advising Jameis Winston to calm down, be humble, and “get them on your side.” This advice carried into the following week when Fisher hand delivered the quarterback a pre-approved list of costumes for Halloween 2014. “After the game was over and with how easy the rest of our schedule is, I knew that the only thing our players had to worry about was what they were going to be for Halloween,” said coach Fisher to the media on Monday. “So I wanted to give Jameis ideas for costumes that the media could never criticize him for; things like Shrek, or Buzz Lightyear, or maybe a baker who only serves humble pie.” The restrictions on Halloween costumes were a devastating blow for Winston, who had been looking forward to the holiday for months. “I already had my costume laid out and ready to go - I was going to be Jesus,” said the Heisman trophy winner. “But coach said there was no way. He told me I could maybe be a disciple but that’s about it.”

Fisher also gave Winston a list of recommended Halloween parties to attend, none of which take place at Pot’s or Heritage Grove. “I told him that on Halloween night he has to attend my son’s scary movie sleepover or else Sean Maguire is starting next week,” said Fisher. “All the other fifth graders will be there and they’ll be watching Frankenweenie and playing apps on their iPads. No way he can get in trouble there.”

Former Heisman winners Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker have both reached out to Winston with advice on what Halloween costumes to wear. However, Winston has repeatedly ignored their ideas and stated that he will only take advice from coach Fisher or the only other truly wise Heisman trophy winner, Johnny Manziel.