Less Financially Equipped Student Plans to Study Abroad at EPCOT


After months of listening to nearly everybody she knows brag about tapas in Spain and all the drugs they did and the prostitutes they allegedly didn’t do in Amsterdam, FSU international affairs major Emily Burkenstein is fed up. This weekend, Burkenstein will embark on her own unique study abroad trip to the happiest place on earth- Disney’s EPCOT. “I don’t know why everybody doesn’t just study abroad at EPCOT's world showcase.” Said Burkenstein while researching whether or not the USA’s legal drinking age would be applicable during her trip. “A ticket to EPCOT is literally a thousand dollars cheaper than a plane ticket to Europe alone and even then I’d maybe get to visit two or three countries tops. At EPCOT I can hit 11 countries in one day and even visit the African trading post with absolutely no chance of getting Ebola. It’s a win-win!”

Burkenstein is not the first college student to see the educational appeal of EPCOT’s world showcase. In fact, over 70% of UCF students study abroad at EPCOT for at least one weekend during their undergraduate studies, a trip more commonly referred to as “ a drunken knight around the world.” Fortunately, Burkenstein’s study abroad trip will include almost no knight puns, as that is not the Seminole way.

Burkenstein will be documenting each and every country she visits on her Instagram account and even plans to ask the Disney employees who are actually from each country to caption her photos in their native language to add an extra layer of authenticity. “I’ve heard that studying abroad really changes your life.” Said Burkenstein as she practiced her Gangnum Style dance in order to impress the Japanese employees. “Even if the rest of the countries end up being lame I can always stop in America for a funnel cake and a showing of the American Adventure and that’s something that studying abroad for real will never be able to offer me.”