Jameis Winston Takes Time Off of Sports to Concentrate on Role in Spring Musical


Despite persistent urges from Jimbo Fisher and his teammates to get his head in the game, Jameis Winston has refused to stick to the status quo and will instead be breaking free as the lead in FSU’s spring musical.

Winston’s recent infatuation with the theater has come as a shock to FSU fans everywhere. According to Winston, it all started while drunkenly singing karaoke at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack. Jameis had never sung in public before, but the second he stepped on that stage he knew this could be the start of something new. He began privately practicing singing, dancing, and acting in preparation for his spring musical audition, which he nailed. He then had a decision to make: baseball or theater? After much speculation, we finally got Jameis to confirm his participation in the musical. Jameis simply smirked and said “you can bet on it.”

Winston’s decision to take part in the spring musical was not taken lightly by his teammates. In attempt to persuade the Seminole to stick to stuff he knows, teammates reportedly gathered Winston in a threatening huddle, repeatedly shouting “WHAT TEAM?! SEMINOLES! WHAT TEAM?! SEMINOLES!” The group then concluded the ritual with a powerful “SEMINOLES! GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME.” A moment of silence ensued. Finally, Jameis spoke: “I’m sorry guys. My head’s in the game but my heart’s in the song.” And at that moment, the 2013 National Champions were more united than ever before. They finally understood it was their duty not only as teammates but as friends to support Jameis Winston. Now it’s time FSU fans did the same. After all, we’re all in this together right?