Guy on Landis Green Still Playing Wonderwall


Two days after learning how to play the guitar he got for his last birthday, Trey Briggs found a spot on Landis Green and started playing Wonderwall. He hasn’t stopped since. “I used to go to classes” Trey says, “but now I just play Wonderwall”.

 Trey says playing the mid 90s classic is all part of his master plan to pick up girls. “Freshman year I got a dog and walked it around campus to meet girls but that didn’t work so I got rid of the dog and got a guitar.”

It’s not clear how long Trey will continue to play Wonderwall but for right now Trey shows no signs of slowing down. When asked for comment, FSU President Eric Barron responded “While I appreciate Trey’s initiative, he’s doing it all wrong. If he really wants to pick up girls on campus he should go to the Leach and pretend to lift weights like the rest of us”.