Leading Cause of Favorite Network TV Show Cancellations Revealed to Be MadSo Trivia Night Picks

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It’s never easy to see a show you've religiously watched every Thursday at 7 central/8 p.m. suddenly get thrust into the realm of cancellations. What's harder than this, however, is suddenly seeing it become a Madison Social Trivia Night pick of the week. Suddenly, you're forced to reckon with the fact that people wearing Simply Southern shirts like the same programs as you, and that you can’t even order the BLT dip to drown your sadness because your friend brought her vegan roommate. Just know,once the trivia announcer who has apparently never watched TV before asks what your favorite forkin’ character is on The Good Place, it’s time to start preparing for the end.

“How am I supposed to follow a television show when a college restaurant is in cahoots to make sure I only have nostalgia left to remember it by? I spend 90% of my day in a technologically-induced haze bingeing Netflix and scrolling through Facebook for the latest food and 'culture' events in Collegetown,” explains Jeremy Waters, a longtime advocate for “Anti-Ads On Netflix” Facebook pages. “Every single show I’ve watched in the last year was suggested by Buzzfeed quizzes on which Netflix original I should watch based on my favorite Disney princess, and those always somehow become MadSo’s trivia night pick. I’m sad to see The Punisher go, but hey, at least our team, 'Groot of All Evil' managed to win Marvel trivia a few weeks ago."

“I live in a constant nightmare of funny voice impressions and inside jokes that only superfans understand” cried MadSo's trivia presenter, Dirk Thomas, while looking into the abyss, which for him, is any show that was cancelled after 2005. “Even though we've done Parks and Rec trivia at least nine times, it always manages to hook in a good number of patrons. In fact, we even managed to land a deal to get fan-favorite shows cancelled after our trivia games by offering free challenge t-shirts to network head honchos for the next three years. We're getting ready to have Brooklyn 99 trivia, and I'm honestly hoping it doesn't get cancelled again after this."

In a constant effort to remain relevant among college students and extract their sweet, sweet cash, it's unlikely that Madison Social will put an end to its trivia nights, no matter the cult classic cancellations it leaves in its wake. However, regardless of the tears that will surely follow once Friends gets taken off Netflix for the sixth time, patrons can rest easy knowing that trivia will always lead to an excuse for binge-watching old shows.

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