Class Shocked After Learning Professor Who Speaks In a Constant Whisper Is a Renowned ASMR Superstar

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With the semester both gloriously and painfully coming to a close, one would assume students are grudgingly familiar with the procedures and structure of their classes by this point. That is certainly not the case with the students of James Plyer’s "Intro to Taxidermy" course, who have been perplexed over the last three months at their professor’s insistence of whispering during each of his lectures. Well, all it took for some answers was a quick google search and a youtube link for the class to find out that there Reebok-wearing instructor is actually a widely-known ASMR celebrity.

“When I found the video I was obviously shocked. James always talked really quietly and had a habit of biting into giant pickles while we were taking quizzes, but I didn’t think he was capable of this level of auditory fame,” said FSU junior Emilee Connor while noisily crackling a an empty bag of Doritos. “Sure, it was distracting, but I never really thought much of it. It’s actually kind of relaxing. Now, whenever I’m stressed about an exam, I watch one of his videos. I even have push notifications on.”

Other students, however, are not exactly starstruck by their teacher’s celebrity status. Caleb Finkle, an FSU Senior, finds the whole act vastly unnecessary. “His whispering makes it almost impossible to take notes. How the hell am I supposed to learn how to make sick mashup animals without any instruction,” he asked angrily while petting a lifeless rabbiturtle. “To make it worse, he has a strict ‘no food’ policy. Yet, he’s constantly crunching on those 100 calorie oreo snacks and packing peanuts. All I want is to drink my morning protein shake in peace.”

Even though his students seem to be divided on his certainly unique practices, the reach of Plyer’s videos is only growing. Just last week, his channel surpassed 100,000 subscribers and over 1 million views on a video titled ‘The World’s Crunchiest Carrot? (Not Clickbait).’ Whether or not his students are benefiting from his amped-up sound production, it remains clear that Plyer’s work as a professor at FSU is definitely something to whisper-scream about.

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