Breaking: Model UN Program Just LARP Rejects!

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With the month of September coming to an end, it's safe to assume that most students on campus have tried to join at least one club and ended up leaving or being told to "try out again next semester."  This rings true for FSU's Model United Nations team. After being told they couldn't roleplay as citizens of the United States despite "us currently existing in an alternate timeline," these combative social science students were forced to look elsewhere for their sweet hits of Live Action Roleplaying.

“I'm a bit bummed. I was so enamored with a bunch of people beating each other up with styrofoam weapons on Landis Green," said Corey Borpus, a level 1 freshman and Dungeon-Master-in-Training, as he rolled a polyhedral dye to determine his next action as the Prime Minister of Canada. "I was so ready to use my +5 Intimidation stats and some emphatic hand gestures in the heat of battle with my enemies. Sure, the Model UN director only lets me roleplay as a real-life foreign dignitary, but my impassioned speeches aren’t going anywhere, baby. I get to verbally shart on literally everyone as long as I stay somewhat on topic. I'm super stoked for our upcoming conference!"

"The point is to represent a made-up character. Like, they literally could've picked someone from Skyrim or even Game of Thrones if they wanted. It’s typically a better strategy to draw inspiration from just made up stuff than try to wage a fake war against neo-colonialism or something like that," said Vice President of LARPing Club, Topher Digginson, who just finished hand-painting his initials on his styrofoam shield. “My Exec Board and I know Model UN is a better fit for them. We mainly accept furries, gamers and the occasional Reddit or 4chan browser. We're only looking for people who are willing to jump into the pure fantasy of it all, and not try to muddle our fun with all the real world issues."

The Model UN team filling their rank and file with traditional LARPers and their sudden jump to #12 in the nation is probably no coincidence whatsoever. Some would cite the College of Social Sciences & Public Policy's "More Than a Degree" initiative as a major contributing factor to their success, but let's face it: without these Civilization VI fanboys, their empire would crumble to ash and dirt.

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