Marching Chiefs Change Name to ‘Marching Chefs’ After Eggplant's Twitter Spelling Error Fiasco

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Spelling errors happen all the time: in simple texts to friends, important papers that are worth 98% of your grade and even in your resume, which is definitely the reason why that internship didn't hire you. Normally, these typos don't matter if you're a regular shmegular person. But if you're as funny and popular as the folks at The Eggplant, things are a little bit different. After dozens of Marching Chiefs publicly came for The Eggplant on Twitter dot com to obtain justice and online street cred for one of their writers spelling "chiefs" as "cheifs," the band's directors unanimously decided to rebrand themselves as  "Marching Chefs" in early 2019, just in time for them to learn the secrets of making the tastiest baguettes and blare the Warchant 1,000 times in preparation for their performance in Normandy.

"Yeah, people both in and out of Chiefs always call us 'chefs' for some reason. I can barely microwave a hot pocket without it exploding and sending molten cheese everywhere," explained rookie Kimberly Spector, who proceeded to practice an off-key version of "Never Gonna Give You Up" for the upcoming home game's Skull Session. "I was a little shook when I saw The Eggplant's tweet. I don't really read their posts since it never has anything to do with the College of Music, but having this repeatedly sent to me by my sectionmates made me realize they crossed the line for once. Aren’t they all English majors? You’d think they would know how to use spell-check by this point.  Now, because of them, we all have to learn how to say 'hon hon baguette' and 'ratatouille' in e-minor. I even heard the Big Eight has to start frying eggs on their cymbals."

"It wasn't done intentionally, but 'Cheifsgate' is certainly going to affect the school for years to come. I hope they end up playing 'Fruit Salad' by the Wiggles at the next game," said apparent Editor Eggward Plantward, who had just finished sending out termination emails to three staff writers for committing the inexcusable crime of using an Oxford comma. "Between all of us, we collectively have six brain cells to use for creating content. Unfortunately, the day we made this, our only STEM major who provides five of those brain cells was unavailable, so we had no idea how to spell."

Regardless of whether you're in Chiefs, enjoy listening to them play next to your dorm at 6AM or simply want The Eggplant deleted from the internet for this incompetent mistake, one thing is for certain: the tweet was pretty accurate. Here’s to hoping we all get the chance to hear them play "Hot Cross Buns" from any and every corner of Tallahassee.

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