Freshman Who Carries All His Textbooks Gets Confidence Boost from Seeing Turnover Backpack

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Few feelings can compete with the amount of exhilaration and euphoria that comes with watching your football team barely achieve their first victory of the season against an unknown team they’d already paid an indecent amount of money to face off against. Among these emotional responses was the surprising reaction of Chase Redding, a freshman who accidently caught a glimpse of the game on his roommate’s laptop. Having no particular interest in football, Redding felt neither pride for his team nor ridiculous amounts of masculine energy at the abstract concept of victory. Rather, he found solidarity with defensive back A.J. Westbrook whose donning of the new Turnover Backpack reminding Redding so much of himself.

“Talk about a confidence boost! I’ve never felt like I’ve ever had anything in common with the 'cool guys' on campus until now,” Redding declared as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose and adjusted the straps of his 70lb bookbag. “As a triple applied mathematics, biomedical engineering and exploratory major, I resigned myself to the fact that no one would really vibe with my niche style. HOWEVER, I couldn’t help but feel like a trend-setter once I saw Westbrook sporting my signature look on the sidelines this past Saturday night. Nobody else except me had ever debuted a backpack like that on this campus, let alone on live TV!  Seeing Westbrook rock that expensive garnet designer bag over his shoulders was all the affirmation I needed to just keep doin’ me, you know? I even heard a rumor that Westbrook fills his backpack with apple turnovers, too! I’m hoping I’ll catch him outside of the stadium sometime soon and we can swap recipes!”

“Chase honestly has no idea what's going on. He doesn't even know that a turnover is a sports thing," said Will Broward, Redding's Roommate and future PeeWee Football Commentator. “All he knows is that one of the 'sportsball dudes' wore a heavy backpack for a few minutes. Now he won’t stop acting like he single-handedly unified the Koreas. He legit asked me if I thought Westbrook also played Dungeons & Dragons and was looking for a new DM/snack provider. I can’t fucking stand that guy normally, but now he’s going to be even more unbearable because of a stupid sideline custom.”

In addition to his newfound confidence, Redding has also shown a boost in his social pathfinder spirit. He has recently been spotted wearing fluorescent-green suspenders, newsboy caps and penny loafers in a desperate attempt to get the Seminoles to take notice and co-opt them. Though so far unsuccessful, he hopes that the original fad that put him on the map earns him some friends quickly, before he slips a disc.  

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