Groundbreaking Friend Group Decides To Throw Ugly Sweater Party


Local it girl Cassie Worthington and her friend group, which she refers to as her “Taylor Swift squad,” came up with the groundbreaking idea to throw a party in which people celebrate wearing ugly sweaters and avoid calling them  “Cosby Sweaters,” a term inspired by a person that most people do not want to be associated with as of late. Cassie is pretty much known for her revolutionary party themes and costumes. Who could forget her senior year of high school ‘ABC’ party or her every-year-since-she-started-college Risky Business Halloween costume. “I wouldn’t say I’m a trendsetter or anything,” clarified Worthington as she Instagramed a picture of her Forever 21 ‘I like my coffee black like my soul’ t-shirt. “I just know about a lot of quirky and obscure concepts, like irony.”

“Honestly I don’t know how she does it, she always has the most unique ideas!” Said Cassie’s best friend, Valencia, who’s always too focused on making sure she kills every single theme to acknowledge the fact that literally every one of "Cassie's" ideas has been done before. “I just hope my $200 Urban Outfitters sweater is appropriate. Look - it has reindeer on it! Soooo ugly! I’ll definitely never wear it again after the party.”

The party will consist of taking ‘candids’ under Christmas tree lights strategically strung over a Market Wednesday tapestry, scream-singing a pretty terrible SoundCloud mix of Hotline Bling and All I Want For Christmas Is You, and drinking Franzia while incessantly calling each other “wine moms.” Janice Worthington, Cassie’s actual wine mom, reportedly uncovered the Facebook event during her weekly investigation of Cassie’s social media, and swiftly commented on the event page “How dare you say that sweater is ugly, your great aunt Sara gave that to you… Just Kidding! Haha. Auntie Sara was never good at cross stitches LOL. I hear the weather it’s gonna get cold in Tallahassee soon and it’s good to keep bundled up! ;) Luv u :P”


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