Studying Abroad Leaves FSU Students Pleased with Amount of Potential Profile Pictures


Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity available to Florida State students that often leaves them with lifelong memories, friends and encounters with uncircumcised penises that they will hold dear to them forever. Remarkably, within the past 5 or so years, studying abroad has begun to serve an extra purpose in that it can solidify one’s social media presence with enough throwback Thursday pictures to last a lifetime. “I was really pleased with how my pictures turned out,” said Paris study abroad student Ashley Turner, while taking a selfie of herself drinking her morning coffee from a ‘Paris Je T’aime’ mug. “I had just broken up with my boyfriend in the spring, so when I went and studied abroad last summer it was really important to make it look like I was having a good time and not using my surge-priced data to hate-stalk his new just-turned-18-year-old-girlfriend Maddy.”

“Honestly I was only in London for 10 weeks, but I made sure to take enough pictures for 10 years,” said another student, Mitchell Kline. “One weekend I was so tired I just wanted to sleep in and rest, but I ended up taking a train to Amsterdam and staying at a hostel. My current Facebook profile picture is actually me doing the prayer hands pose at the Van Gogh museum, and you can’t even tell I had contracted chlamydia in the red-light district the night before.”

James Pitts, Director of FSU International Programs, has some advice for students thinking of studying abroad. “Often, students make the mistake of putting up photo albums with hundreds of pictures from their trips. In reality, nobody likes you enough to sit and look through that many pictures. You should focus on getting just a few high quality profile pictures and #tbt Instagram posts spread out over the next few months to convince your friends and future employers that traveling to a foreign country and hanging out with other white people who speak your language does indeed make you cultured.”