The Eggplant's Official Sickest Drops of 2015


As curators of both college satire and definitely credible music reviews, The Eggplant has compiled a list of the sickest, dirtiest drops of 2015. These beats have been proven to surely get the party poppin', the vibes flowin', and the tears, self-doubt, and general life questioning out of SIGHT! For the time being, at least.  

10. Financial Aid

9. FiNaNcIaL AiD

8. Ayuda Financiera

7. Everyone’s panties when I come through now that I’m rich

6. Motherfuckin’ financial aid

5. The financial aid refund

4. Financial aid

3. My heart when I saw my financial aid

2. Financial aid… bitch

1. John Thrashers jaw ‘cause I’m straight robbing this university.