Summer C Freshmen Pretty Much Already Sick of Strip


Florida State’s 2015 Summer C is nearing its finale, as the fall semester creeps closer and closer. The summer’s been filled with countless memories, and without a doubt a few STD’s to last a lifetime. The strip has always been the most popular destination for new freshmen to experiment with alcoholism, conceal mid-grind boners, and enchant one-another back to their dorms because their roommate’s TOTALLY a heavy sleeper and won’t hear a thing. But somewhere between the Forever 21 USA crop-tops and 3 AM McDonalds binges, summer C freshmen have reported having already had enough of the Strip to last their entire undergraduate career. “When I first got here at the end of June, I couldn’t wait to spend every other night at the strip,” remarked exploratory but more-than-likely exercise science major Jamie Thomaste while filtering through some drunk tweets she sent last night, half of which were just unfinished tweets @tacobell with various sexual emojis. “But then I went once, and again, and again, and there’s only so much White Trash Wednesday an upper middle class non-white-trash-white-girl can take.”

Ken’s Tavern Owner Kenneth Calhoun is familiar with this dilemma of summer C freshmen growing weary of his bar, but he’s not worried for his business' survival, despite White Trash Wednesday ending soon, as it's only a summer-long event. “I mean yeah, I could probably make an assload if WTW was year round, but there is no way the city of Tallahassee could handle it. After a certain point, one starts to realize maybe it’s not just Wednesday that is trash, but oneself.”