Racism Now Completely Over Thanks to Apple’s New Racially Diverse Emojis


After the release of Apple’s new racially diverse emojis, many took to the streets in celebration of the end of racism. Amongst the celebrators was first year student and self-proclaimed social justice warrior, Tiffany Flame. “I think the biggest take away from this is that now there is truly only one race…the human race,” said Tiffany as she put on the bindi she plans to wear at Coachella. “I’m just still not entirely sure if this means I can use the black power fist emoji though... Do I make it black, or does that make it even more racist? Can I do a white fist? Whatever, it’s just cool to know that we’re going to be able to tell our grandkids that, like, we were alive when racism ended…huge.”

Tiffany’s equally as white roommate Kelly was brought to tears upon Apple’s announcement, sharing it via Facebook with the caption “Waiting for Starbucks to bring back their campaign LOL! What is there to talk about??? Racism is over, sweetie :)”

“I’m really glad that we were finally able to accomplish this,” said Tiffany before floating back into her personal little bubble of privilege. “I worked really hard on it and now this means we can all stop talking about race and I can go back to my normal life.”