Student Distraught After Learning Human Sexuality Course Doesn’t Contain Accompanying Lab


Florida State sophomore Chad Peters has been in a state of anger and confusion after learning that his Evolution of Human Sexuality course will not include a lab alongside the normal class. “I just assumed it would have a lab too, y’know? I mean, it IS a science course.” Peters said as he recorded his tale of misfortune using greentext on 4Chan and shotgunned a Monster Energy outside of Ragans Hall. “I know a lot about science. Not only did I see Bill Nye speak last semester, but I’ve also seen the trailer for The Theory of Everything, so I think I know what I’m talking about. “

When Peters was reading through the course catalog, he saw the course name of ANT 2301 and immediately signed up. “I guess I never even finished the description. My vision started to blur when I got to ‘female orgasm,’ which for once in my life wasn’t my perversion of the word ‘organism,’” Peters explained as he tipped his plaid fedora at a passing female student. “Now I’m gonna have to take Baby Bio or some other dumb class where it won’t be socially acceptable to consistently have a lowkey boner.”

The Evolution of Human Sexuality course is always very quick to fill up, but fortunately for other horndogs with poor reading skills, at least one seat will be opening up this semester. Additionally, Chad is selling the 72-pack of Trojan Magnums he bought for the nonexistent lab because, as he puts it, “Now I’m never gonna get laid.”