Entire Campus Still Buzzing About Student’s Interesting Fact from First Day of Class


Most college students dread the icebreaker questions that signify the first day of class, but for FSU junior Stacy Chiles, it was the day she had been waiting for all summer long. “Every semester some bullshit professor always makes us introduce ourselves and tell an interesting fact and no one ever has anything good to say” said Stacy. “I didn’t want that to happen again so instead of going to Valencia or France or something stupid like that, I spent all summer brainstorming through every interesting thing that has ever happened to me until I found the perfect fact to impress the hell out of everyone in my World Religions class.” Stacy’s efforts did not go in vain as her interesting fact has been the talk of campus all week long. “I really never noticed or cared who Stacy was before,” said classmate Zack Wilkinson. “But after hearing her interesting fact, I mean who wouldn’t be obsessed with her?” As word of Stacy’s interesting fact spread around campus, every student organization was eager to jump on the bandwagon. The FSView has already dedicated their next two issues solely to her, and both the Ignite Party and Progress Coalition have named Stacy their next candidate for student body president.

“It’s people like Stacy that made me want to go into education to begin with” said interim president Garnett Stokes in an address to the national media on Wednesday to unveil the new statue of Stacy outside Westcott. “It is my goal that every person that steps foot on this campus heeds the words of Stacy’s interesting fact and is inspired to maybe accomplish something interesting themselves one day.”

Stacy says she has already begun planning her interesting fact for next semester. “I know I have a lot to live up to, but I realize now that sharing interesting facts about myself is what I was born to do.”