Guide to Oklahoma State Trash Talk


For the first time in the 2014 season it's game day for Florida State. To help all Seminole fans prepare for the big game against Oklahoma State tonight we have created a list of trash talk for you to post on twitter and facebook or to just scream at your tv. Please steal any or all of these jokes:  

- Hey Oklahoma State, your mascot looks like a paper mâché  burn victim from the set of No Country for Old Men

-Oklahoma State’s jerseys look like they were designed by an 8 year old who was really looking forward to Halloween

-Why do kids in Oklahoma even bother going to school, like you’re just going to grow up to be a farmer anyways

- I’m really impressed by all the times Oklahoma State has won the National Championship. And of course by “won the National Championship” I mean “finished fourth in the Big 12”.

- Good thing the game is in Dallas, because Cowboys are used to losing in that stadium

- I think in a lot of ways people from Oklahoma are just trying to compensate for the small size of their panhandle

- Hey Oklahoma State, why does your mascot have the body of Han Solo but the head of a cartoon Burt Reynolds?

- Stillwater sucks so much that even the people who live in Tulsa make fun of it

- Marcus Smart? More like Marcus Dumbass for choosing to go to Oklahoma State

- It would have been better if the game was held in a prison so more of the Oklahoma State player could make it

- Mike Gundy: “I’m a man, I’m 40…years away from making Oklahoma State a relevant football team”

- Rodgers and Hammerstein were originally going to name their musical “Oklahoma State” but they thought it sounded too dumb