Anti-Greek Student Holds Own Dance Marathon Alone in Her Dorm


This weekend, sophomore Carrie Cornetto hosted hew own Dance Marathon in her dorm room to protest the Greek system that she thinks is ruining the integrity of the student body.

“I want to prove to everyone that you don’t have to buy friends in order to raise money and have a good time.” So far forty hours into the event, Carrie has raised seven dollars and none of the thirteen people who said they were attending on Facebook have shown up.

Carrie’s Dance Marathon started Friday evening when she rented a copy of Dance Dance Revolution from the library. “First we will DDR for about eight hours, then we will go straight into Cupid Shuffling the night away” Carrie wrote on the Facebook event page. Other plans for the weekend included repeated renditions of the Cha Cha Slide and a CD of Jock Jams ’95 she got from her Dad.

“It’s so fucking embarrassing” said Carrie’s roommate Stephanie Hitchens. “I got back to my room at about 2am Friday night and she’s there by herself doing the Cupid Shuffle and eating an entire sleeve of single stuffed Oreos. I’m afraid to go back.”

Carrie hopes the success of her Dance Marathon will help bring an end to the Greek dominated social structure of the university. “I feel bad for them actually. Everyone in fraternities and sororities think they’re so cool, but really they have no idea how stupid they look” said Carrie while organizing a Harlem Shake video with her one participant, a squirrel she kidnapped from a Landis green trashcan. “Just you wait. This thing’s gonna get more YouTube hits than ‘I’m Shmacked’ could ever dream of. Take that, Greek hierarchy!”