History Professor Still Not Hot Enough for Chili Pepper Rating


FSU history professor Roy McClay has been patient, but has a feeling the time has finally come for his very own ratemyprofessor.com chili pepper. “I cut out all carbs and even started jogging this summer so I could look my best for a new year of ratings.”

 All the professors feel the pressure, but McClay takes it extremely personally. “I could have sworn Ali Jenson was about to pepper me last semester. She was always coming to my office hours in really seductive outfits, but now I think it’s just because she is stupid and we live in a hot state.”  McClay said while choking back strong emotions.

“Once you’ve been peppered, you don’t go back” stated philosophy professor/sex symbol John Wilson. “We try to treat the pepperless the same, but it’s hard, because we definitely run in different circles after we know our students think we’re… well, ‘spicy’.”

When Wilson was asked about McClay you could see a slight cringe as he responded, “At this point he’s just trying too hard. I’m talking tighter pants every semester, and a little too many extra credit opportunities.” It seems that being chili peppered is better left as a natural process. If a student thinks you’re hot, they’ll know what to do.

According to Roy McClay’s ratemyprofessor profile, his actual teacher rating is phenomenal, but the lack of a chili pepper still stands out. There are a lot of great reasons to be a teacher, but as McClay proves, there is more to being a teacher than educating students and leading them on the right track. To be a teacher one needs to be able to handle the heat, or in McClay’s case, lack thereof.