2014 FSU Oscars Winners Results:


We took your votes for the 2014 FSU Oscars and the results are in! ALSO, we cordially invite you to watch the Oscars with us tonight via twitter. Our staff will be drunkenly tweeting the whole thing. Use the hashtag #eggplantoscars and if you’re funny enough we’ll retweet you. 


Love, the Eggplant

Entertainer of the year:


Best Place to Regret Life Choices:

Stroizer at 2 AM before an exam you just found out existed an hour ago

Best Supporting Frustration on your Way to Class:  

That group of girls whose Sex and the City style conversations must be so FUCKING important that they literally can’t walk in a single file line for .05 seconds to avoid pushing you off the sidewalk

Biggest Tweet Generating Event: 

When “we” won the BCS National Championship

Best Unoriginal Trend: 

The gym puzzler: yoga pants, cute t-shirt with no armpit sweat, nike sneakers, iced coffee, mac book, all around suspicious lack of sweat

Best Popular Twitter Account: 

@EggplantFSU (remember, Big Brother is watching) ~HOLLA

Best Place to Rebel Against Smoke Free Campus Rule: 

The dream of the 90’s (a time before smoke free campus) is alive on the Diffenbaugh/Williams hill

Worst Slightly to Very Racist Thing that Happened: 

When that girl’s vine was “hacked” and posted “welcome to FAMU i mean FSU”

Most Obnoxious Thing Everybody Says Too Much: 

"Tallaclassy, Tallanasty, Tallatrashy, Tallasassy" etc

Best Candidate for Student Body President: 

Idek Ignite Party or something just don’t harass me on my way to class