FSU Hires Jimmy Buffett to Headline Black History Month Fesitivities


In keeping with Florida State University’s longstanding tradition of racial sensitivity, university officials announced today that music icon Jimmy Buffett will perform at this years Black History Month tribute concert titled “Black History Month 2014: We’re All Just Cheeseburgers in Paradise”.

"African Americans are such an important part of this institution" said FSU president Eric Baron, "and I could think of no better way to honor their rich legacy than by hiring the guy that sings that Margaritaville song."

"Besides", Barron adds, "I can’t think of a better place to honor the legacy of an important ethnic group than a university who’s mascot is a guy who paints himself red and throws a spear into the ground."

There’s no doubt that this year’s Black History Month festivities will be a huge success. Tickets have already sold out, having all been bought by everyone’s parents. University officials hope the tribute concert will make up for any racist Vine posts that may have occurred in the last eight months or so.