Frankie Muniz to Make Appearance at The Strip Tonight


Tallahassee’s night life just got that much hotter as rumors swirl that former Malcolm in the Middle and Big Fat Liar star Frankie Muniz will stop by Tallahassee’s signature clubs tonight.

When he’s not participating in soap box derby races, the former child star spends his time hopping through college towns across the country throwing the biggest parties around. Tonight will be no exception.

"I’m only coming to Tallahassee for one reason, and that’s to get laid" Muniz says, "There’s nothing college girls love more than that Agent Cody Banks dick."

It’s not clear the exact time or place Mr Muniz will appear tonight so if you would like to meet the star in person your best bet will be to get there early and stay late because a Frankie Muniz party is a once in a lifetime chance and tonight Tallahassee will finally get to experience it.