This Braless Art Major Wants You to Notice Her Hard Nips in the Cold Weather!

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As November is welcomed with a frigid 75-degree windchill, it’s evident that fall is finally starting to rear its nippy little head in Tallahassee, giving everyone a reason to pull out their turtlenecks and sip on a hot beverage. Although this is Florida and the weather is one unpredictable bitch, the rapid cold-fronts have awakened the souls of South Florida™ students everywhere. While most of us are ready to cozy up by the virtual fireplaces on our TV screens, local Studio Art Major Willow Stark wants no part in anything that may distract her friends and family from her nipples poking through her super stylish, super thin t-shirt dress.

"I specialize in Nude Renaissance Sculpting and often take inspiration from my own body. The bodices bear striking resemblance to Da Vinci’s ‘Aphrodite,’ but that's just to gas me up. Also, what are you staring at?" Stark said coyly as she stretched, showing off her braless chest. “Oh, my hard nips? I love this cold weather. It really does wonders for my brand. When temperatures dip into the 50’s, I’m definitely in my ultimate form. I’ll wear my favorite Arctic Monkeys tank top with my jean jacket from Salvation Army and people will notice my boobs from four blocks away. It’s all for the artistry, though. I’ve had people ask if I’ve had my nips done, which is so ridiculous. Why should it even matter? Is the body not just a fleshy mound of clay? Don’t ask me how I mold, just observe and give me attention.”  
“Willow is the definition of freedom. I don’t understand how she’s not the face for the Free the Nipple revolution, yet. Her confidence in a 34 B is so sexy,” said Stark’s girlfriend Harper Goldstein while giving herself a stick-n-poke of Stark’s silhouette on her inner thigh. “Nevermind big-chested women that have to wear bras or risk throwing out their backs doing daily activities like walking or bending over too quickly. That kind of conformity just isn’t what I’m looking for in a lady. In solidarity with Willow, I’ve also tossed my bra. I’ve never felt more confident in my own skin, not to mention more comfortable with my new nipple piercings. I know it hasn’t always been this easy for Willow, though. Her mom actually talks to her and has encouraged her to go back to wearing at least a bralette. She never will, though. This movement is greater than the both of us.”

When asked if she’d ever cover her nipples again, Stark responded with “it’s not just my image anymore. It’s an image of a group hellbent on using what was once an uncorrupted feminist statement to prove something to all the other bra-clad women out there.” Since Stark ditched her bra, all of the other Studio Art majors have decided to use the exact same rhetoric, do the exact same thing and dress the exact same way to show their support. The trend, though contained only within the major for the time being, is expected to make its way through the majority of artistic circles on campus.

The Eggplant FSU