Interior Design Prodigy Hangs Tapestry on Wall Next to Bed

Fall semester is in full swing and another phenomenal class of Florida State University interior design moguls are ready to Flex™. While not interior design majors, this refreshing class of “Good Vibes Only” T-shirts is ready to challenge what it means to decorate your dorm room with borderline offensive tapestries balanced with Live Laugh Love signs above the bathroom mirror.

“I found this tapestry at a quirky little thrift shop,” explained freshman Lexi Cardow, as her roommate behind mouthed “Wal-Mart” behind her. “I’m just all about finding unique things to dress up my room. You know what they say, college is about finding yourself...anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”

The artistic choice isn’t limited to just first year students. Many have reported carrying their tapestry magic to their off campus apartments as well. Not only does this defy everything you were taught about personalizing your space, but it further  proves the point that simply finding someone who isn’t a first year does not fully protect you from hooking up with a person who has contemplated majoring in religion after purchasing a Coexist flag from the stand outside of the book store. They’re still out there and just because he lives in Campus Circle doesn’t mean you can stop being on the lookout. Keep your guard up, dammit.

“Honestly, seeing that tapestry on his wall was more of a red flag than a Trump 2016 poster would have been,” recalled Meghana Rai about lab partner briefly almost turned boyfriend. “My mom gets those tapestries for like $1.00 when she goes home to Mumbai every summer so anyone willing to pay $30 for one from Urban Outfitters is lowkey even less informed than anyone who would vote for a man whose proposed ‘policies’ violate the Constitution and endanger the lives of millions.”

The Eggplant FSU