“Are You Going to Vote in the Midterm Elections?” and Other Sweet Nothings to Whisper in Your Date’s Ear That Are Sure to Reel Them in Just in Time for Cuffing Season

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The leaves littering campus and the slight chill in the air aren’t just a product of last week’s unexpected natural disaster, but rather a reminder to clueless South Floridians that autumn weather actually exists and is making its way to Tallahassee. As the social acceptance of wearing wool sweaters and drinking of warm beverages exponentially increases in the coming weeks, people should remember that the most important part of the holidays is also just around the corner: the always-appreciated cuffing season. So with the societal expectation to have a romantic relationship growing, here are some helpful nuggets of love to drop on your potential partner that are sure to have them hooked!

1. “Are you going to vote in the midterm elections?”

Nothing says “irresistible” like someone who understands that voting is their civic duty. Make sure to hit ‘em with the vote.org link after you inevitably text them to “sliiidddeeeee through,” and don’t miss the opportunity for that cute couples pic at polls together on November 6th!

2. “I’ll never go to Sea World again.”

It’s no secret that the handling and training practices of this aquatic theme park giant aren’t free of controversy. Throw this into the conversation to gauge your date’s reaction to the unapologetic exploitation of animals. . Oh, they don’t know what you’re talking about because they haven’t seen Blackfish? There’s your next date, baby!

3. “Have you seen A Star Is Born? I’ll watch it again if you haven’t.”

Swoooooooooooooooooon. Also, stream the A Star Is Born soundtrack on literally every platform.

4. “I’m thinking of starting my own compost bin.”

Composting combines two of the least sexy things we can think of: yucky ol’ produce and dirt. But no need to fret, for a worthy suitor will see the beauty in your moldy banana peels and brown broccoli stems, especially if you’re able to grow them some beautiful fresh flowers with your custom fertilizer We’re no experts, but that’s definitely amore.

5. “Adopt don’t shop.”

There are tons of pets worthy of loving homes in shelters all over the place, which makes actually purchasing animals pretty silly considering the conditions usually found in breeding mills and pet shops. Bonus points if one of you already has an adopted dog, just because. Extra bonus points if you don't plan to give your pet up for adoption again after graduation!

6. “This car is a hybrid.”

Let’s ride around in this Prius all night long, buttercup. Maybe even to the polls on November 6th, when Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to election sites.

7. “I think I left my reusable water bottle here last week.”

There’s nothing quite as attractive as sustainability. Get matching Yetis and take your next tailgate by storm. That’s couple goals right there. We’re rooting for you lovebirds!

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