Who Said It: OLO or OL?


Welcome to Tallahassee, Florida: the craziest college town in America. The infamous OLOs featured in the poorly produced, trash hit YouTube series “Neighbors and Friends” make sure everyone knows what it’s REALLY like in Tallanasty, while also making sure no one ever respects them again. But it’s not all frat parties and Mandatory Makeout Mondays, because while the OLOs are busy sleeping off hangovers and their dignity, another group of FSU’s hottest are making a name for themselves: The OLs. Orientation Leaders bleed garnet and gold and can recite the fight song backwards (Probably?). Can you tell which group of Florida State royalty said what?

  1. “Have you seen my polo?”

  2. “I’m waking you up at 4 AM with a bucket of ice water.”

  3. “Did you know Doak Campbell Stadium is the largest continuous brick structure in America?”

  4. “Wanna hear a scary story?”

  5. “I love my mom. She’s so supportive of me.”

  6. “Which tenant of the Seminole Creed is that?”

  7. “We are not affiliated with Greek life.”

  8. “I had an Orientation Themed Waltz!”

  9. “Wanna go to McDonald’s later?”  

  10. “Eight multiplied by five is 40.”  


  1. You guessed it! This was an Orientation Leader. Sometimes polos get lost in the communal washes. Forcing ice breakers is sweaty work.

  2. This was an Orientation Leader but, like, the one you hope doesn’t ask you how your day is going when you pass them on campus.

  3. That’s right! All the OLO’s need a tailgate landmark! Thanks for the fun fact, OLO Maci.

  4. Both! Orientation Leaders told you about all the famous ghosties and ghoulies, but OLO Connor told us all about OLO Moe giving him a black eye in the back of a car.

  5. Surprisingly, OLO Moe. He might not know how to respect women, or anyone for that matter, but his mom loves him anyway.

  6. This one comes from your favorite Orientation Leader after they watched you grind on someone to Spotify’s Top 50 Global Hits at Club Downunder, which actually constitutes “Discovery!”

  7. Both, but the OLO’s involuntarily. Whoops!

  8. This quote was said in unison by every OL. It’s always a little disorientating seeing your favorite Orientation Leader at the Strip.

  9. This was a hard one. It’s both, but the Orientation Leaders go because they’re hungry, not to verbally abuse the employees. Looking at you, OLO Moe.

  10. This was most certainly not OLO Moe. It wasn’t necessarily an OL, but let it be clear that it was not OLO Moe.

The Eggplant FSU