Renegade Towed after Chief Osceola Leaves Him Parked in Garage Overnight


This morning, Chief Osceola had a rude awakening when he received the disturbing call that the beloved FSU mascot, Renegade, had spent the night at an impound lot on the charges of a parking violation. According to reports, Chief Osceola had left Renegade parked on the fourth floor of the Woodward street parking garage late last evening until he was towed a few hours later.

“I had a parking permit on the bottom left corner of his saddle, right where it’s supposed to be, and he was parked in a student spot, where I always park him.” Claimed Chief Osceola “I don’t understand what the problem was.  Renegade and I didn’t do anything wrong. They never should have taken him. This is completely ridiculous.”

However, according the Florida State Department of Parking and Transportation website “Overnight parking will be permitted on the top floor of all* parking garages. (*top two floors of the W. Pensacola Street Garage)”

Butch Habbernackle, an employee of the Transportation and Parking services, retaliated Chief Osceola’s claims of innocence by releasing the following statement: “We write these rules for a reason. We need to leave as many spaces available as possible for students coming to class in the morning. We make the rules clear to all students and faculty to help avoid problems such as this. Anyone who violates these rules will be given a citation or fined and towed. No exceptions, even if it is a horse.”

Thankfully, the lovable Renegade was released early this morning after Chief Osceola paid the hefty $85.00 fine for his horse’s bail, just in time to begin to prepare for the upcoming game against North Carolina State this Saturday. However university officials plan to suspend the horse for the first half of the game in punishment for the parking infraction.