VOTE in the 2014 FSU Oscars



In honor of the Oscars this Sunday, we’ve whipped up our own 2014 FSU Oscars! Vote for this year’s best trends, worst people, biggest annoyances etc.

Voting will be open until the Oscar pre-show starts at 6 PM on Sunday. At this time we’ll close the polls, post the winners, and pop our first bottle. THATS RIGHT, our entire staff will be drunkenly live tweeting the Oscars for your own viewing pleasure.

Our first prediction? We’ll be shitfaced before Ellen even gets on stage.

You can watch the Oscars with us via our twitter at @eggplantfsu where we’ll be retweeting the best of our drunken tweets or follow our personals:






If you really want to get into it, tweet your own Oscar predictions, observations, comments, or incoherencies under the hashtag #eggplantoscars and we’ll retweet our favorites

So VOTE now and TWEET later and let’s have some fun this Sunday