Girl Inspired by Ellen Page Comes Out in Biology Class


After years of fake boyfriends and watching the L word under her blanket, student Mindy Jenkins finally decided to pull back her covers. She found her courage in Ellen Page’s speech this past Valentine’s Day.

Caught up in all of her emotion, Mindy jumped up in the middle of her reproductive system biology lab and shouted, “This lab is meaningful to me, because I am gay!”

Looking off into the distance, hands on her hips, Mindy awaited her standing ovation. She was not met with joy or disappointment, just a polite and confused “okay” and “Let’s save questions till the end of class” from her T.A., who hesitated for a moment before moving on to the next slide.

We took comments from a few other lab students and found mixed reactions to Mindy’s action. Sarah Jones stated, “I couldn’t really hear what she said, so next time she should do it in a better location maybe…wait, do they do it more than once?” Ted Lee said, “I think it was really rad to do it in lab, because life is kind of like a giant experiment.” Lastly, we talked to Mindy who shared how she was feeling after the big day, “I just think it’s important for closeted people to know that the standing ovation might have been because she is a celebrity.”