5 Awesome Things To Do in Tallahassee This Weekend (Unless You Have Social Anxiety!)

  1. Happy Hour at Pot’s - Potbelly’s is known for its warm wooden deck facing out to College Avenue. Come out and enjoy a few drinks during happy hour and hang out in the company of your fellow Seminoles - unless the thought of going to any sort of social event makes you want to hide in your room and never come out, that is! :p
  2. The Rez - The FSU Rez is full of fun outdoor activities to keep you active and happy! Get a group of friends together and head over for a day of kayaking and rock climbing, or stay at home and wonder why your heart feels like it’s beating in your throat and the room is spinning. Whichever! :D
  3. Brunch - Brunch is the most important meal of the day, according to no actual nutritionists but instead a lot of white people who like to wear collared shirts even when they don’t have to. Prep your tummy for some waffles and mimosas by changing your mind at the last minute and texting your friends that you “overslept” before eating Cheerios with your hands out of the box. :~)
  4. Pool day - One of your friends is bound to have a pool at their apartment complex. Slather on the sunscreen and bring your coozies for some serious R&R. But if your mouth starts to feel dry and sweat is dripping down your back before you even get your swimsuit on because small talk is your 9/11, you might wanna sit this one out! ;)
  5. Church - If all else fails, you can always stop by a local place of worship on Sunday at the end of your weekend and pray for the ability to talk to your friends in public places without crying!
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