10 Photos Every Math Major Will Go Nuts Over

1.    Ultimate zaddy and founder of the Rule of Signs, Renee Descartes.

2. Two words: Fibonacci. Sequence.

3. L’hopital’s rule, y’all. 



Basically a fast pass for evaluating indeterminate forms of limits -- can I get a ‘>>>>>>>>>>>>>’ ?!?!?!?!?!?!?

4. The Fibonacci sequence in The Mona Lisa.

Her scornful, questioning smile is the same one you see on people’s face as they ask, “Why would you do that?!” when you tell them you’re a math major. LMFAO!

5. <3 Linear equations <3

mx+b = y y’all hatin’ on math majors?

5. The Fibonacci sequence in a hurricane. 

6. This solved calculus equation. How do ya like DEM apples?! 

7. The Sequence of Fibonacci inside a fucking seashell. Mind = blown. 

8. Integral rules!!!! I’ll give you a *SEC*, *COS* I KNOW YOU’RE FREAKIN’ OUT!

9. The architecture of THE PARTHENON which contains, yep you guessed it, the motherfuckin’ Fibonacci sequence.

10. The Phi symbol, also known as the symbol for the golden ratio………….AKA the Fibonacci sequence!!!!!! You love it for unpopular reasons that don’t involve Greek life and you’re not gonna be quiet about it! Throw what you know, babes!!!!